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The mission of Unique Voices in Films (UVF), a  501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, is to develop and promote uplifting media that encourages cultural diversity and underrepresented points of view currently ignored by mainstream media, particularly those of MENA background (Middle East and North Africa). 

Philosophy / Values 

We believe that stories matter. Books, films, media, and education can be used to nurture communication and creativity as therapeutic and transformational tool that could change people on an individual, community, and worldwide basis. This is especially important for the MENA communities, who rarely get a chance to view a version of themselves that’s relatable and inspirational, rather than pigeonholed. 


Support meaningful, inspiring, and authentic stories that represent the 3.5 million Arab Americans using media, films, education, and grassroots volunteer participation that inspires, empowers, teaches, and makes the world a better place. Forge relationships with other cultural and educational institutions in order to promote greater understanding among communities as part of cultural diversity. 

Unique Voices in Films is hosting the 2020 Path of Consciousness Virtual Conference

Unique Voices in Films is hosting the third annual Path of Consciousness Conference. This will be the event’s third year and it will be held virtually this year. The spiritual and writing conference will allow you to enhance your writing, personal, and business life with the help of various ancient, sacred, and creative teachings, including writing and storytelling. We will be gathering online on October 3, 2020 between 12:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST. This year’s event will be donation based.

Learn more about the conference and register here.

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